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sum1toluv started this conversation
Single mom who live n cali n need help. Ska5471@gmail com
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sum1toluv   in reply to CajunChix
Thank u. I appreciate ur kind words. Normally I am the one who is giving. But this year i am not able to.
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CajunChix   in reply to sum1toluv
My heart aches for you and your family although me an my daughters have been so much I can only imagine the stress you go through! May God Bless You this season and I truly hope someone helps y'all out!! And I agree there is lack of community support and from the looks of people's posts on here it's everywhere it's sad!
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Oh by the way my kids r 16, 14, 8 & 4. I am unemployed due to a big layoff n then i got dignosed with chronic kidney problems and my birthday present was a leg break.2013 has been a time to remember. My 16 year old went n got a part time job. I really want him to finish school but he want to make sure him n his siblings do not get laughed at school. Where is the community support. Has the community backed out n helping raise these kids? My 8 year old has C.P., n is n a wheelchair n his money has to help pay for bills. So if u ever think u got it bad just think of us. There is always somebody worst then u
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